During this time of crisis,
As the world chokes,
In bile and fluids,
The beancounters are hard at work,
Estimating the cost to the land,
Not in life of course,
But that of greed,

Prosperity before people,
Finances over family,
Cash over compassion,
Rat hearts hollowed out decades ago,
They’re sweating bullets,
Productivity could be down,
As the plague drives on,

Numbers do indeed go down,
Yet only the ones with dollar signs,
Are heeded,
The actuaries titter to each other,
Rodent-like and mechanical,
Life is an acceptable loss,
The spreadsheets add up,

The world wheezes,
And once all of the cheques have bounced,
The question becomes,
Whom do we eat first?

  1. SAHetem says:

    This is good, I can relate to the subject.

  2. shauna says:

    Yes indeed. Sad to think that after so much humanity is lost, the “bean counters “ and stock holders will be firing out a way to save their own stinking skins at a great cost to everyone else.

  3. shauna says:

    That should say “figuring out”…

  4. You have painted the state of affairs in powerful imagery, my friend.
    Your words give speech to the sound of silence prophesying in the wilderness.
    Keep on, my friend. Well done!

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