I fear that thing,
It preys upon me nightly,
Goaded by the moon,
Cloaked in nights masquerade,
An insidious predator,

It plays with its food,
Tearing my eyes open,
Forcing me to relive the errors of the day,
Over and over,
A hellish beast,

It prowls each and every night,
It’s clawing at every inch of me,
I’m caught in its gloomy web,
Chaining me to a life in the dark,
I fear that thing.

  1. Tash says:

    Very relatable x

  2. […] Him – It wasn’t all fun and games, I was a broken clown at the beginning of the year. Insomnia– A common symptom of depression. I was no different. The Enclave – A poem about a place […]

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