This facade I wear,
It’s the other me,
That alter-ego,
That character,
The Harlequin,

The top hat,
The long coat,
The mad cackling,
It’s not me,
It’s him,

Face-paint is all that separates us,
Remember the grin is painted on,
The laughter is false,
Costumes and masks,
It’s all a facade,
I’m just me,

A sad clown,
Impersonating a performer,
A showman,
I’m a misanthrope,
Playing at being a thespian,
An actor,

We are separate men,
Though we are one,
I’m no jester,
I’m not laughing,
I’m not smiling,
I’m not him,

I’m not alright.

  1. BoardFlak says:

    We are all masked performers; some are just more readily identifiable that others.

  2. […] I’m Not Him – It wasn’t all fun and games, I was a broken clown at the beginning of the year. Insomnia– A common symptom of depression. I was no different. The Enclave – A poem about a place I once called a haven. Drinking Problem – Well, this one kind of goes without saying. Strike Out – All good things come to end. The Road Onwards – Finally some positivity! A Rose For You – All for Tash. Harlequin Aspect – By November I began to return to my true self. […]

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