The mind is a prison,
Shackles and all,
All your ideas are kept there,
All your machinations are bound there,
Your minds eye is temporarily blindfolded,

Upon request these treasures are released,
Creations given wing,
On to page and stage,
To captivate and terrify,
To enlighten and appall,

But something has designs on these gems,

Writers block,
The plague of the author and artist,
A malady so harrowing,
So abominable,
So soul-crushing,

Now my mind is blocked,
The affliction comes for me,
It’s an unwanted guard to my prison,
Authorizing no creative release,
Me and my psyche are in solitary,

Will we ever be released?


  1. Lisa Meister says:

    Oh, it is so true! It must be a monster.

  2. Sinister Publications says:

    Your mind is not a prison,
    It’s the emotions that seize it.
    The shackles, the emotional pain
    Are what is to blame.

    Yes, your mind holds the key,
    But it is your carnal desires that prevent you to see
    The manifestation of your thoughts and ideas,
    Everything you ever conjured in a mental galleria.

    So free your mind and let it all out,
    Because only then will discover what your mind is really about.
    And may your creations run wild and free like the wind,
    So that one day the’ll find themselves transcended unto print.

  3. hikerhem says:

    oh yes , we will be released, fellow wordsmith. if you set up ur mind everything is free. better read an essay of bertnard Rushell “freeman’s worship”. thanks.

  4. Osharlequin says:

    Reblogged this on WorldofHarley and commented:

    Blocked Mind

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