Posted: Mar 25, 2015 in Poems, Random thoughts, Reblogs, Writing



Take care if you ever gaze into a static screen,
It could mesmerize you,
Perhaps try to take you over,
Is it for evil?
Or perhaps for your own good?

What do you see in the static?

Do you see ghosts?
Perhaps you see angels and devils?
Do you see the end of the world?
Do you see the future?
Do you perchance see yourself gazing back?

What do you hear in the static?

Evil whispers?
Cries for help?
The flames of hell?
The lies of phantoms?
The whistling of trees?

What do you see in the static?

Good or evil,
Remember that it could take you over,
It is a foolhardy soul,
That stares into the eyes of the static.


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