Lost Stream

Posted: Jan 10, 2015 in Poems, Random thoughts, Reblogs, Writing

Lost Stream


Take care if you ever lose your way,
You may wander to the lost stream,
A realm of wonder and horror in equal measure,
Gilded in fog and mist,
Murky waters circled by ominous marsh,
A land of ordeals and secrecy,
A place of dread and fragile alacrity.

Nobody knows where it is,
Is it out there in the unknown world?
Or is it in your mind?

Inhabited by bugbears and goblins,
Elves and imps,
Boggarts and brownies,
Twisted boughs give them solace,
They too lost their way once,
They wandered purposelessly,
And found the primal lost stream.

The lost stream offers relief to the astray,
Its lantern-lit waters are a blessing and a bane,
But is it in your mind?

Are you wandering or are you right on track?


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