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Venom in the Veins

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Poems, Random thoughts, Reblogs, Writing

Venom in the Veins


Get me to the emergency room,
There’s venom in my veins,
It courses,
Seething with every heartbeat,
The venom is in my blood,
And my blood is the venom.

Cut me with your dirty looks and superfluous words,
Blood will spurt out,
Taking to the air like a lunging beast,
You’ll be drenched in hatred,
In bitterness,
In mania,
The venom will take hold,
And you’ll become as me.

Bleeding, but enduring.
Rancorous, but grounded.
A Human, but a monster.


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There once was a man,
Bound to urges not his own,
But those of a monster,
A hydra of urges,
A terrible triad,
Serpentine and destructive.

It slivers unrestricted through his veins,
It chews relentlessly on his soul,
Coiled around his heart,
As an aegis,
And a prison,
Compelling and overwhelming.

He is the hydra,
And the hydra is him,
Three heads full of fangs,
Cruelty, Greed and Secrecy,
They nip and bite at one anothers flanks,
Tearing open each others plans.

One named Cruelty,
One head wishes the end of all things,
Its eyes sear with hatred,
It urges him to murder,
It rages at every breathe mankind takes,
It hisses in delight at the torture.

One named Greed,
It yearns for all the world has to offer,
And all that it doesn’t,
No amount of wealth is enough,
The green serpent glowers on with want and disdain,
It is the very spirit of envy.

One named Secrecy,
An antidote to save a life,
A confession to vindicate an innocent,
The esoteric serpent denies all,
No secret is too minor,
Kept secrets save no lives.

There once was a man with a monster within,
But was it a hydra?
Or the human heart?


The Last Applause

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Poems, Random thoughts, Reblogs, Writing

The Last Applause


Death is not the end.
Death is a change,
A transition,
A conversion,
A revolution,
A mutation.
It’s an applause, but not of finality.

It’s an encore.
As you leave the stage and return as something anew.
You must choose if you will be an angel,
A demon,
A wraith,
Or something altogether more bizarre.

Good or evil?
You choose now what you will become later.
Whether your encore will be lauded or despised.

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Everyone is a spirit.
It pervades everything they are.
Many of goodwill,
Others of cruelty.
Spirits of pleasure.
And spirits of harmony.
Spirits of fortune.
And spirits of vengeance.

I’m the spirit of world-weariness.
The world no longer means what it did.
The only rays of light are select special souls.
Spirits of companionship,
Spirits of friendship,
Spirits of love.

I am world-weary.


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Two Faces

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Poems, Random thoughts, Reblogs, Writing

Two Faces


People have different sides.
Different faces.
A first impression can be far from the truth.
A voice of heavenly things could come from an evil mind.
And likewise words of venom could come from a benevolent mouth.
One face to a friend and another to an enemy.
One person to a friend and another to an enemy.
And yet another face and person to a stranger.
And so on, forever.

Even a healer feels rage.
Even a tyrant dotes on his children.
Even a backstabber is a comrade to someone.
Even a warrior feels compassion.
Even a liar could wish the best.
Even a bigot accepts his friends differences.
Even a saint can lie.

How about me?
Do you really know me?
Am i cruel or kind?
Full of greed or an altruist?
Mundane or mad?
Cold or jolly?
So tell me,
Do you know me?
Have you seen my…

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How to kill an angel

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Poems, Random thoughts, Reblogs, Writing

How To Kill An Angel



Firstly you must identify them by their purity.
Secondly you must throw them from the sky.
Then you must shame them.
Then you must clip their wings and shave their head.
Make them see the error of their ways.

Next you must take away its name.
Then you must sunder its hands.
Drag it through the nettles and streets.
Then allow it its last bread and wine.
Lastly you must decapitate it and burn what remains.

Only then will it know what it feels like to be one of us down here.

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The Note Everyone Will Hear


Everyone has something to say.
Not everyone will listen.
Not at first at least.
You must persevere.

Eventually you will hit a note everyone can hear.
The perfect tone,
The right pitch,
Just on key.
A supreme message.

My advice to you?
Keep it up.
Continue spreading your message,
Whatever it is.
Take the world!


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Daetrolos: A memoir on Primea


“Primea is a continent on our great planet of Daetrolos. It is one of the most populated continents in terms of how many varied civilized races reside upon it, second only to the continent of Demes. It is, however, the second smallest continent that is known thus far, only larger than the ravaged continent of Lenisca.  Primea rests east of the southern portion of Demes, across the vast ocean known as the “Great Divide”. Primea is often called the “Land of Factions” due to the fair number of different forces that inhabit and war over it. It has seen monumental, bloody wars. Primea is often pointed at to illustrate how warlike the race known as “Humans” can be. There have been several bloody conflicts between the two Human powers on Primea; The Empire of Bulrin and the Kingdom of Riefe. Despite this, oddly few point to the aggressive posture and…

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A Quatrain About Tournefoux



Drip drip,
Drip goes the blood,
Drip drip,
Drip goes the gore,
Drip drip,
Victim beaten,
Drip drip,
Victim impaired,
Drip drip,
Tournefoux grinning,
Drip drip,
Blades whirring,
Drip drip,
Only audience corpses,
Drip drip,
Battlefield a bloody circus,
Drip drip,
Tournefoux cackling,
Drip drip,
Serving his master,
Drip drip,
Clown advances,
Drip drip,
Victim weeping,
Drip drip,
Blades singing,
Drip drip,
Tournefoux strikes,
Drip drip,
Victim eviscerated,
Drip drip,
Bloody fireworks,
Drip drip,
Tournefoux triumphant,
Drip drip,
Tournefoux gleeful,
Drip drip,
Tournefoux insane.


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The Family Spider

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Poems, Random thoughts, Reblogs, Writing

The Family Spider



We’re a family of lost souls now.
She caught us in her web,
The abhorrent Family Spider.
Ambush sprung,
Venomous words whispered,
Bearing fangs made of strife.
Sitting in her web,
Believing it to be home.
She caught us,
She controls us.

Father was the first to fall,
He fell for the Family Spiders toxic charms.
She whispered in his ear,
Now he belongs to her,
Body and soul.
Her poison turns him against his own.
He stands by her above all.
He willingly sits in her web.
The evil and perfidious arachnid.

My siblings were next of course.
Both of them,
Completely innocent and naive,
Forced away by the Family Spider.
Supplanted by her own spawn.
Her words even turned Father against them,
Venomous and spiteful lies.
They were thrown out,
Lost souls out in the cold.

So it seems I’m next.
I try to be vigilant.
Keep my…

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