Hell is a refuge for the misunderstood and the heaven-scorned.
All of the underdogs of the world reside there.
Infernal misfits and demonic scum.
Lamenting our deprivation of a refuge.

Shoved and driven to this sanctum by so-called divine hands.
Angels are simple haughty liars.
The Un-maker of Worlds took us in.
Abominable and glorious our new god is.
Now read each first letter and repeat with us.


  1. Enjoyed this a lot. I did a sermon at my church on a similar theme – “Let’s go to Hell”. If it actually existed then a) It might be a lot more fun; or b) it’s an awful place of torment, and if such a place existed then I would not really want to spend an eternity with the god that created it. So better to stand in solidarity with my fellow-damned.

  2. Although come to think of it, maybe heaven could be just as much fun – more chance to create a bit of chaos.

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