Hello there inmates.

Hope you’re all having a gorgeously crazy day! This is just going to be a short little note about something that made me smile. The other day I posted my most recent poem, titled “Moonlight“. I’ve been quite happy with the response to it so far, thank you all very kindly for taking the time to read it. I hope you enjoyed it!

That is not what I am writing this post for however. Moonlight was my 100th post, so I felt that it was worth enshrining that fact in a post. I’m rather proud of this fact, to be quite honest with you. I never expected to get this far, but thanks to all of you WordPress people I have. I doff my hat to you as always!

Clearly, I’m not stopping there. Expect more madness! Oh yes, expect much more madness! I have two more poems in the works right now. Expect one of them later on tonight, in fact. I also have another piece about the mysterious “Asylum Mythos” on its way as well. Not to mention the fact I still have an award from my friend Becky to get finished! Yes, I have a number of pieces planned already, the asylum shall grow!


Thank you all once again and have a very crazy day!

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