The Wickerman

Posted: Apr 24, 2014 in Poems, Writing
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I once built a wickerman.
It was on the advice of a friend.
Or perhaps a foe.
I built it with blood and sweat,
Wood and charcoal,
Hopes and dreams.
A twisted focal point for my humanity.

I threw my whole self into it.
My hopes for the future.
My confidence.
My wanderlust.
My compassion.
My faith in humanity.
All laden with wood and rope,
Awaiting the hellfire,
Of my wickerman.

I unleashed the flames.
My hopes went up first,
Burning into melancholy.
My confidence followed suit,
I became an ember of my former self.
My wanderlust became smoke,
As if wishing to escape.
My compassion melted to slag,
Turning my heart to hatred.

My faith in humanity erupted last,
Turning to ash,
Like the world around me.
My wickerman burns furiously,
And my soul with it.
My humanity seeps away,
Like clouds of smoke.

I am human no more.
The wickerman is ash.


  1. Osharlequin says:

    Reblogged this on WorldofHarley and commented:

    The Wickerman

  2. Momus Najmi says:

    nice one I really like it.
    If you do not mind me saying, you might to change your tenses in two parts only
    my wickerman burned furiously
    and my humanity seeped away
    it is up to you entirely but if you don’t do it breaks the tense, it only should be broken in the end with the last verse, because than you have stopped telling the story and making a transition to the present self. But burned and seeped is still part of story.
    You might have noticed that yourself anyway, in that case just ignore me.
    but all in all really liked this one, good work.

  3. Miss Crocodile says:

    Great poem. The Wickerman (The original 1973 version) was a really good movie.

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