Daetrolos: A Short Study on Mawkins

Posted: Mar 19, 2014 in Daetrolos, Writing
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“The Mawkins are a race, if the word can be attributed, of sentient (and in some cases, semi-sentient) constructs that were created in a dark experiment by an advocate of Dust-science in the olden days. They are unique in the fact that they are one of the few beings on Daetrolos that is completely non-living, but still aware of itself. These are no necromantic abominations. Quite the opposite in my humble opinion. Hated by many, yet pitied by many more , Mawkins are almost always considered outsiders.

The Mawkins have a tragic past. In the days of the Religion of Dust, a number of Dust magi theorized that Dust could be combined with technology, primitive as it was back then. One such mage was Vincent Mespot from Riefe. He worked tirelessly to create a perfect worker using Dust magic and a combination of wooden parts and iron.  Slaves had served the church for long enough and Mespot wanted to, quite literally, replace them. Now, clearly technology wasn’t the same back then. Mespot build a vaguely human-shaped body out of wood, iron bolts, stitching and tattered cloth. Afterwards Mespot imbued the body with pure Dust energy. From the ‘ribcage’ of the body came a dim green light (a significant indicator of Dust energy), so Mespot knew he was on to something.

Over the next few days, the body began to warp slightly, its stitched eyes burst open and the same eery green light emitted from them as well. The body also started to reek of pure Dust, even to the extent that fumes of Dust came off and out of it. Mespot  began to address the abominable body as “Frank” (for unknown reason) and over time Frank began to respond. It began to twitch occasionally, trying to lift its head and arms. It was slowly coming alive! Mespot could only revel in his own achievement by this point. Mespot began to work on more of these constructs as he put Frank to work on the fields on his land.

Over the course of several months, Mespot had created a sizable “workforce” of constructs. He called them Mawkins, apparently this name originated from a book he read once. As the constructs came alive further, they began to embrace this name. They had started to exhibit startling levels of sentience and intelligence by this point, some even attempted to put on clothes. Others tried to write, though it was almost impossible with the cheap iron or wooden hands they had.

Mespot was not impressed with the Mawkins ability to work, despite their startling levels of sentience and also despite his earlier joy. They were too clumsy and picked up laborious tasks too slowly. He decided to increase the amount of Dust in many of the Mawkins, hopefully to lead to greater intelligence and competence. This also served to warp some of their bodies further.

Now, this next part is confusing. Dust magi are a strange lot, their minds wracked by voices and visions. The more they embrace the Dust, the more it slowly destroys their bodies and minds. It is not unknown for those exposed to Dust to contract all manner of psychological conditions. Mespot was no different, his mind flip-flopped constantly. He would be thrilled about something one minute and full of rage the next. This was one of those situations. Mespot was getting old by this point, indeed records would place him about nearly 90. Despite this, he would still of been undeniably powerful and dangerous, but the Dust was taking its toll. He was going progressively more mad. This caused him to be cruel and inexplicably angry towards his creations and because of this, many of them became resentful of him.

Mespots cruelty only grew. He’d tear known the Mawkins down as they worked. He’d burn those who didn’t understand commands. The Mawkins resentment became hatred, which became wrath. Mespot had caused a number of the Mawkins to flee out into the wilderness already and the remaining few (including Frank) had had enough of it. One night, a group of 10 or so Mawkins, Frank included, approached Mespot as he slept and quite literally tore him apart with their rickety clawed hands. Records show that Mespots body was found in no less than 26 pieces, scattered around his hovel. The Mawkins knew what they had done, they certainly felt regret. A new feeling to them. They so no option other than to leave the masters home and fields and try to forge a new life elsewhere. So they did so. With greatly differing success.

The Mawkins split up and wandered. During this time, they found out how physically strong they were, their bodies were tremendously strong and were also capable of manipulating Dust like a Dust mage would, though without any perceivable detriments to themselves. Presumably this ability comes from the energy used to animate their bodies. Unfortunately, they also found that they were hated, animals avoided them, plants sometimes withered in their presence and people they came across were often less than kind, to say the least. And that’s the way it’s always been since. Mawkins have inexplicably grown in numbers over the years to the point where they can now be regarded as a race in their own right. It is actually unknown how exactly the Mawkin numbers have grown at all, but is widely believed that they have merely learned to build and animate others of their kind.

Mawkins are a nomadic race, primarily due to the hatred and bile they receive from everything and everyone they come across, this is theorized to be due to the Dust that animates them. It often affects those around them in a negative manner. They are known as “Bogeymen” by most civilized people and are occasionally thought of as nothing more than any other Dust monster, despite their assertions to the contrary. After all, they have learned to talk in the many years they have existed, these are no monsters. The average Mawkin will always appear somewhat similar to the traditional farm scarecrow, but one that can move and talk. Another notable feature would be the green glows that emanate from its eyes and torso. Not wishing to return the same hatred they receive, Mawkins are still extremely eager to help people and do travel into cities despite the dangers. Due to their strength, resilience and unique abilities, a Mawkin makes a powerful ally. There are, however, few would who put trust into one of the Bogeymen.

How do i know so much about the creation and lives of these odd creatures? Well, i should be allowed some mystery correct? I’ll simply leave you with a clue. I have an individual sat across from me right now as i write who knows it all first hand. I’ll leave it to you to decide who it may be…”

From the memoirs of Hermann Maestra.


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