Daetrolos: An anthropomorphic study

Posted: Mar 10, 2014 in Daetrolos, Writing
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“I may be human myself, but it seems unfair to write these studies on our fellow Primean inhabitants without mentioning my own kind. It’s not exactly wrong to say that Humans are a central, if not THE central, race on Primea. I will attempt to write this from an outside perspective, but i feel that will be challenging at best. Regardless, I’m a scholar. I will do my best. I will, however, attempt to keep it reasonably brief.

Humans are one of the most common races on Primea, if not Daetrolos. They are an ancient race that allegedly evolved from primates. They tend to be extremely varied. A very adaptable race, individuals can range from very pale to near black skin. Individuals exhibit a large variety of hair colors and a seemingly random spectrum of weights and heights. Humans are hugely intelligent, able to achieve almost anything they put their minds to. They are an incredibly curious race who have pioneered the majority of technological advancements and can claim to have discovered most locations on Primea. An inquisitive mind leads humans to always wonder what is over the next hill, what is across the sea, what is under the mountains.

Humans are not a peaceful race. They have also, in the past, been masters of warfare and destruction. Brutal, cunning and unrelenting, these are the traits of humans at war.   Humans can be greedy and merely out for themselves as individuals. They have been known to start wars for meager winnings.  With that said, humans can also be one of the most forgiving races on Primea. I dare you to attempt to reconcile with a Mawkin. It’s not a pretty prospect. I feel this is mainly due to humanitys ability to adapt to any situation. There is no need to make an enemy if an ally can be made.

There are three major human powers in the world, as far as i know at this point. The Bulrin Empire, the Kingdom of Riefe and the Migran Empire. These three powers have been instigators of immense wars of conquest in the past, but it would be fair to say that tensions have stabilized in recent times. The Migrans are the only nation that still seems to prepare for war, across the ocean in their desert domain. Humans abilities with economics, politics and science dwarf those of the more traditional races of Primea, like the Demiens and Forns.

Unlike the majority of other races on Primea at least, humanity is largely individualistic. A human is unlikely to act in the interests of bettering the race as a whole. No, a human will act to benefit himself and his family. Unlike Demiens, who will generally act to better their entire enclave. Despite these so-called shortcomings, humans are a predominantly friendly, if suspicious race. They can be welcoming to outsiders unless some kind of historical hostility exists, such as the Bulrin Empires complete intolerance to anything even slightly pertaining to the Dust and Dust magic. Ultimately the human race is an immensely and undeniably authoritative force on Primea and Daetrolos as a whole. Let us hope that my human brothers and sisters back at home in Bulrins future lies in peace…”

From the memoirs of Hermann Maestra.


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