Some writing music: Part 7

Posted: Mar 7, 2014 in Random thoughts, Writing
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Hola fellow inmates!

Hope you are all having a most crazy day! I know i am! It’s time for another Harlequins writing music post. I’ve been finding quite a few new artists recently. These artists have been almost exclusively electronic, but are, for want of a better word, primarily very chilled. Very thought provoking.

One in particular has been played almost constantly for the last two or three days. His name is Tom Day. He seems to be a fairly unknown electronic artist from Australia. His music is simply beautiful. It’s relaxing, it’s calm, it’s exquisite. I will be including one of his songs today as i feel he deserves so much more attention. That’s not to say that these other artists don’t as they most certainly deserve it as well!

Join me once again as we delve into the musical minds of meritorious artists the world over!

Three Days Grace – Break

Tom Day – Crossroads

Weird Al Yankovic – Polka Face

Alestorm – Captain Morgans Revenge

TwoThirds – Pieces

So there we have it for another time! I do hope that anybody reading this gives a listen to all of these artists. They all most certainly deserve more exposure! Makes a change from pop music right? Haha!

Check back next time for part 8! Have a crazy day!

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