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It has been quite some time since I wrote about Ryan Sargent. Far too long in my opinion. Ryan has been hunting demons recently, or more specifically, a particular kind of demon.

“Demons are one of the most fascinating beings I’ve ever hunted. Demons are one of the most mysterious beings I’ve ever hunted. Demons are one of the most dangerous beings I’ve ever hunted. I could never claim to enjoy doing what i do, indeed it feels more like a duty to humanity, but i can’t help but find these evil, savage creatures very intriguing. During my career (if it can be called as such) i have followed in the wake of 4 demons. Each one was as unique as a us humans can be. Each one totally different from the next, their powers, their appearances, their dispositions, even down to the reasons that it came to our world.

Picture the archetypal demon from lore. Picture the red skin, bestial features, ram-like horns and affinity for fire. Well, throw that image out of your head. These things are nothing like that. I tell you, the church couldn’t be more wrong. The fantasy writers couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve seen a demon that resembled a swirling mass of cogs with red blazing eyes. I’ve faced a demon that looked more akin to a fish than a devil, though just as cruel. I’ve myself banished a demon that resembled a mouse with a snake for a tail. You see, they are as varied as they are dangerous.

They are all certainly evil, there’s no doubting that. Few denizens of the supernatural have quite the same body count as these monsters. They kill for pride, they kill for greed, they most certainly kill for wrath. They are pure-bred killing machines, from what I’ve seen. Some are more subtle perhaps, but they are all capable of horrendous slaughter.

But how do they come to our world?

That varies really. They claw their way from Hell to our world and then either possess a human or travel through some kind of occult portal. The second option there obviously requires inside help, so to speak. Well, demons are able to travel around our world in some kind of spirit form. Like a ghost, you know. But there is another way. A lesser known method to enter the mortal world. They still use humans, but in a far more hideous manner.

The demons that adopt this method are possibly the worst of the worst. The damned among the damned. I call them the “Thirsters”.

Unlike ‘normal’ demons, these fiends are more animalistic. They don’t think like a sentient being, they are beasts. Nothing more. So how do these things get into our world? Surely they would too primitive to possess someone. They’re certainly not subtle enough to trick someone into building them a gateway. No, the actual method Thirsters use is far more primitive and violent. It still curdles my blood to this day.

Bob told me it was actually some kind of curse. The idea of a cursed demon is bizarre really. I thought they were already supposed to be cursed, hence why they were in Hell. Probably Bob being a trickster again, trying to scare me.

They simply tear their way into our world. They too, travel to our world from Hell and then slink around our atmosphere in some kind of spirit form. They then identify a worthy “host”. Now from what i can tell, this host has to be someone who is either very agitated at a given moment or is naturally hot-blooded. The demon then spiritually enters the hosts body and quite literally rips itself out, in a physical form. You see, they use human bodies and blood as their portals. I think an obsession with pain and blood is what has driven them to this depraved method. It’s the only reason that makes sense.

I have witnessed it myself unfortunately. Quite recently, in fact. I had tracked down a depraved cultist that was trying to grow his flock to a warehouse down in the grey district. He had been grooming local tramps and hobos. Truly, the depths this freak would plumb were unknowable. Once inside the warehouse he began some kind of disgusting ritual, involving copious amounts of blood and a goat. I’d rather not repeat how it went. The cultist repeated what i assume was a name: Rigtos. He must of repeated the name at least 30 times before something began to happen. The man began to convulse horribly, blood streaming from his nose and eyes. Then in a sickeningly display, a crimson bladed fist burst forth from the mans chest. Followed by more claws, pulling the chest opening further apart. Then suddenly the body was ripped clean in two, a monstrous dog-like beast crawled forth. It let out a bestial roar and leaped clear out of the roof. This was an archetypal Thirster. A true monster.

For the record, that thing did get away. It was long gone before i could even get out of my hiding spot.

So there you have it. My very simple account of a class of demon that poses a very true threat to society. A very real threat to our families, our friends and our homes. These creatures are true monsters, completely devoid of anything even remotely reminiscent of feelings or remorse. One has to wonder what Hell could of created such an abomination.”

From the desk of Ryan Sargent.


Good day inmates!

I have some wonderful news today! Just the other day i got a notification about a comment on one of my blog posts. This comment turned out to be a nomination for another chain-award-thingamajig, similar to the Liebster award one i got before. This nomination was for the Versatile Blogger Award this time.

The nomination was from the very talented ChocoCat from Glitterati Nails. Thank you very much ChocoCat for this nomination, it’s an honor as always. You are too kind and it certainly made my day! Check out Chococats blog whenever you get the opportunity.

The Versatile Blogger Award is another chain-award that is used to promote fellow bloggers who continue to produce quality content and work that you enjoy. ChocoCat posted a quote to describe the award here.

“The Versatile Blogger Award is an award given to you by your blogger peers, for writing quality posts that have somehow touched them, having good quality photographs, and uniqueness of the subjects covered. The award is to honor the bloggers who bring something special to your life.”

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

  1. ★ Display the award certificate.
  2. ★Announce your win and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  3. ★Present 13 deserving bloggers with the award.
  4. ★Link your nominees in this post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
  5. ★Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

My 13 very deserving nominees are:
1. KotoDama 2.0

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Here’s 7 random things about me:
1. I’m an avid gamer, particularly RPGs and strategy games. Final fantasy and Total war for example.
2. My favorite beverage is cider.
3. My face paint is, in fact, primarily eyeliner.
4. I adore Sherlock Holmes, the original.
5. I really like Victorian clothing.
6. Nobody has heard me sing.
7. I sometimes wish i was a robot.

So there you have it! Some random facts about the man behind the Harlequin. It’s been quite fun. Thank you once again to ChocoCat for the nomination and congratulations to my own nominees! You all deserve as much recognition as possible.

The Oldschool Harlequin

The world is an asylum you know.
Think about it.
The world is crazy.
You don’t know what anyone is going to do one minute from the next.
Everyone is unpredictable.
Everyone is dangerous.
Everyone is manic in some form.
We are all brothers and sisters in madness.
We are all inmates.

If God is real, he’s definitely head of a wing.
His followers blindly and obediently follow.
Preaching the words of long dead prophets.
Voices in the heads of the god fearing.
Faithful schizophrenia.

The banker too is an official of this asylum.
With his abhorrent condition called wealth.
He enslaves his flock with earthly desires.
Kleptomania for the masses.

Politicians would be wardens of course.
Fooling the inmates into obedience.
Flip-flopping opinions.
Flip-flopping personalities.
Multiple personality disorder governance.

We all must be mad.
Absolutely crazed.
We made the world the way it is.
Mad world.
Mad populace.
The world is our asylum.
We are all inmates.

Greetings once again inmates.

It is time for another post about the Harlequins writing music! Oh joy right? I’ve noticed in this last week that the amount of writing I’ve done has dwindled ever so slightly, while at the same time I’ve also not been listening to songs that make me think. It almost appears directly proportional in fact! This has inevitably led me to believe that “writing music” as i call it is actually quite a vital part of my so-called writing process. I need background noise, but it can’t be too loud. It has to actually interest me. I need to hear lyrics that are clever. Lyrics that make me think. Lyrics that make me see the world and its inhabitants in various different lights. It all helps.

So join me once again as we delve into the minds of adroit artists the world over!

Creature Feature – Such Horrible Things

Ashbury Heights – Anti Ordinary

Linkin Park – In The End

Madonna – Frozen

Eluveitie – Omnos

And there we go! Once again quite a varied list, but such is the nature of music. If it gives you even one little idea or line for a poem, then it’s worth it right?

See you next time inmates. Have a very crazy day!

Greetings inmates.

Bit of a ramble today. So it turns out that my work colleagues and my boss found out about my blog the other day. This surprised me quite a bit since I wasn’t aware they actually check my Facebook page. My posts appear on there as soon as i post them here you see. My boss is fairly certain that I need to be sectioned, or so he says. He may not be entirely wrong, my writing and blog do tend to be a little on the eccentric side. They all think I’m quite crazy, but they thought the blog was cool. We had some amusing conversations about what I’ve written so I’m quite glad they found out.

It made me consider about what people I know personally think about my work. I know it’s not always good to care what others think, but when it’s people you care about and you’re close to, such as family and friends, it’s harder to ignore their opinions. I’ll admit that I’ve only had positive opinions from my friends and family so far. The ones who have actually noticed the blog anyway. My parents support it whole-heartedly, my closest friends that have read it quite like it and Lee seems to love it as well. I’ve been so lucky so far that everyone seems to support my writing, despite its eccentricity. At first i was terrified of their opinions, now i actually sort of revel in them.

As for strangers, it’s a bit more complicated of course. I still always worry about negative opinions, i worry about not being very good, i even worry about people mocking me. That may be ridiculous to some, but i think it’s quite normal. Only the very strongest wills can truly ignore negativity. I guess I’m not quite there yet eh?

When i found out people i knew personally had seen the blog…

But, then after I’d seen how positive their thoughts on it were…

Farewell for now inmates. There’s a new writing music post coming up soon.

Have a very crazy day!

People have different sides.
Different faces.
A first impression can be far from the truth.
A voice of heavenly things could come from an evil mind.
And likewise words of venom could come from a benevolent mouth.
One face to a friend and another to an enemy.
One person to a friend and another to an enemy.
And yet another face and person to a stranger.
And so on, forever.

Even a healer feels rage.
Even a tyrant dotes on his children.
Even a backstabber is a comrade to someone.
Even a warrior feels compassion.
Even a liar could wish the best.
Even a bigot accepts his friends differences.
Even a saint can lie.

How about me?
Do you really know me?
Am i cruel or kind?
Full of greed or an altruist?
Mundane or mad?
Cold or jolly?
So tell me,
Do you know me?
Have you seen my two faces?


Always fear the magpies.
One for suffering for all eternity.
Two for a happy, but fatal addiction.
Three for a plague.
Four for a parasite.
Five for eternal inferiority.
Six for a victory stolen.
Seven for a secret,
You were never meant to know.
Eight for Heaven.
Nine for Hell.
And ten for the ire of a supernal clown.

2014-02-02 20-34-11.015

Hello there inmates!

Well, new month, new writing music post! I’ve got quite a few more of my ‘writing bands’ to go yet. I’m always finding new songs and new bands that inspire me, whether they be energetic metal songs, thumping steam punk songs or ghostly electronic songs. Or some that are altogether more bizarre. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t be close-minded about music. Don’t limit yourself to individual bands or genres. You simply limit your own inspiration.

Join me once again as we delve into the incredible minds of artists the world over!

Doctor Steel – Back And Forth

Panic! At The Disco – The Ballad Of Mona Lisa

The Shanklin Freak Show – Carousel

Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer – Just Like A Chap

Obsidia Ft. CoMa – Masquerade

There you go for another time! Some interesting bands there yes? One of them is even a local band to me, try to guess which one eh? Hehe!

Have a very crazy day inmates!

What holds all of the worlds together?
Why are heaven, hell and our world held together against their wills?
What holds these prisoners together?
Well, I’ll tell you.

The Chains do.

Let me paint you a picture here. Space is an illusion. It’s simply an empty area created to give the impression of something greater. Something further away. Something more alien. The stars are an illusion. Nebulae are an illusion. The moon is not a fraud, but serves no real purpose. Yes that’s right, we are alone in the universe so to speak. If you were to keep flying out into “space”, you’d notice something most bizarre. The blackness of “space” would give way to the darkest shade of purple. Celestial bodies would give way to dark abyssal shapes. Permeating this entire realm would be countless lengths of chain. Criss-crossing in every direction imaginable. You would see chains of all different shapes and sizes. Some shiny. Some barbed. Some rusted. All endless. You’d be forgiven for thinking this realm was wondrous, if outlandish. You’d be truly wrong.

You wouldn’t be the only thing out there. Something, or someone, controls those chains. A being of unimaginable power and unimaginable heartlessness.

They call him the Lord of Chains. He is something of a warden or gatekeeper. A very literal outsider. The space-like realm I described before it his domain. It’s known as the Void. A suitable name to be sure. The Void is the space between worlds, a barrier to keep denizens of the many worlds from meeting. The chains that permeate the Void hold the universe together, basically. Our world is connected to myriad others by the chains. Unfortunately, or fortunately to some, the worlds closest to us are Heaven and hell. Typical really. So while the Earth is connected to other worlds, because of the Void and the Lord of Chains, we are never going to reach them. Humanity’s potential impossible to fulfill. Heaven and Hell don’t have that problem. Demons and angels follow the chains to our world on a daily basis. I’d imagine much to the chagrin of the Lord of Chains. Demons crawl monstrously along the chains and enter our world to cause chaos and death. Angels glide alongside the chains to earth to mete out typical heavenly retribution.

The Lord of Chains seeks nothing more than keep the balance in the universe. He travels into our world occasionally to hunt and eliminate any intruders from both Heaven and Hell. He does not take sides and simply follows his own creed. Neutrality in all things and balance between the worlds. To travel into the void along the chains is the greatest offense possible to him. The only penalty is to be destroyed utterly. The Lord is a truly dominant being, able to crush lesser creatures with no effort whatsoever. He can call upon the chains themselves to assist him in his calling. Seizing offenders, sweeping aside obstructions and tearing his charge limb from limb. He appears to be completely emotionless, bearing no apology and sparing no offender. An absolutely terrifying being.

What does he look like? Well, that is a mystery actually. I’d imagine a somewhat regal man with a cold, dead face. Frosty eyes and cold skin. He’d be dressed in black trousers and a black shirt and waistcoat. Over the top, he’d be wearing a black trench coat that had chains on it. Of course he’d have chains around him at all times, like hovering obedient snakes. Warping in and out of visibility. Of course he may be completely inhuman in appearance, but with other godlike beings (the Oldschool Harlequin for example) being humanoid its not too much of a stretch.

The Lord fulfills a necessary function, of course. He keeps the worlds apart, he prevents inter dimensional war, he’s a force of nature, so to speak. I dread the day when humanity attempts to truly reach the stars, only to find the Void and a very displeased Lord of Chains. I don’t think he’d be any more forgiving to humans than he is to demons and angels. A unerring spirit of neutrality. The keeper of the chains that hold the universe together. A god, or perhaps a curse.