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Picture 145

What is a sword to you?
What does a blade signify to you?
A forgotten relic?
An archaic weapon?
A pointless lump of metal?
An undeniable threat?

Rapiers and Katanas,
Do they not strike you as anything but graceful as angels?
Gladii and Xiphoi,
Are they not venerable as any sage?
Longswords and Scimitars,
Are they not the stuff of heroes?
Dirks and Zweihanders,
Are they not vengeful and unforgiving?

Swords can be as gods,
Ending lives on a whim,
Or in sinister prolonged exchanges.
Swords are the most devoted of companions,
Never betraying,
Defending until they shatter.
Swords are regarded as heroes,
Displayed for the masses in museums.
Swords can be ideals and banners,
Inspiring the people in spirit,
Acting as a blade to the hearts of tyrants.

Swords of all sizes and shapes,
Designs and lethality,
Conventional and exotic,
Pristine or blood-soaked,
Valiant or murderous,
Offensive or defensive.
All of you.
We thank you.
Your services are respected and reviled in equal measures.

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