Bulrin empire

“Depending who you talk to, Bulrin can go by many different names. Some positive, others not so much. The Blighted Jewel. The Empire. The Eastern Power. The Home Of Alchemy. The list goes on. Universally however, Bulrin can be known both as an economic and martial powerhouse. Few lands on Primea have not been affected by the Empire, whether it be through conflict, diplomacy, trade or exploration. It is a leader in industry, mining and science. Many say it is ahead of its main rival by quite a margin.

Bulrin is a large empire on the eastern ‘prong’ of the continent of Primea that has lastly nearly a thousand years now. Although primarily of human stock, the empire is far more accepting of other sentient races than its rival: the Kingdom of Riefe. Demiens, Forns, Mawkins and even Julmurns are usually welcomed with open arms.  The Empire formed after a revolution which liberated the Bulrin people from a thousand years under the corrupt and wicked “Church Of Dust”. The Empire has enjoyed almost unrivaled wealth and power almost exclusively due to its mighty leader, Walter Bulrin, the 16th emperor. A venerable and just man who looks upon his realm from the great city of Highdon in Highgard.The Empires status is also sustained by its impressive military which boast the most disciplined men in all of Primea. Vast numbers of experienced line infantry, backed up by steam powered cavalry and some of the most advanced artillery in the known world.

The people of the four provinces live in peace and prosperity under the Emperor and there is very little on this continent with the capability of unseating that.  The Empire will likely keep its position as a Primean superpower for years to come. Though i hear of a distant force far to the west, across the sea, that looks to these lands with hungry eyes. Something catastrophic may happen soon, if my instincts are correct.”

From the memoirs of Hermann Maestra.

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