Two Faces

Posted: Feb 4, 2014 in Poems, Writing
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People have different sides.
Different faces.
A first impression can be far from the truth.
A voice of heavenly things could come from an evil mind.
And likewise words of venom could come from a benevolent mouth.
One face to a friend and another to an enemy.
One person to a friend and another to an enemy.
And yet another face and person to a stranger.
And so on, forever.

Even a healer feels rage.
Even a tyrant dotes on his children.
Even a backstabber is a comrade to someone.
Even a warrior feels compassion.
Even a liar could wish the best.
Even a bigot accepts his friends differences.
Even a saint can lie.

How about me?
Do you really know me?
Am i cruel or kind?
Full of greed or an altruist?
Mundane or mad?
Cold or jolly?
So tell me,
Do you know me?
Have you seen my two faces?


  1. biahelvetti says:

    This is very true. And very deep. I think people change too. I tend to take people on face value and base my knowledge of them ‘in the moment’ , not judge or label folks, not hold grudges, forgive when asked to forgive, let the past fade and keep rolling on. Similarly, not put too much faith in people, not expect them to be perfect, accept that everyone has at least two faces, some they try to show, others they detest and would rather hide. We are all products of the stories we have lived and will be shaped further by the ones to come. That is how I see all people. That is how I hope others will see me. Blessings on your day, which ever face you are presenting 🙂

  2. Osharlequin says:

    Reblogged this on WorldofHarley and commented:

    Two Faces

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