Recipe for Disaster

Posted: Jan 24, 2014 in Poems, Writing
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isolated skull

3Ib of the so-called Human condition.
41/2oz of misplaced optimism.
1oz of doomed high spirits.
2 pints of perpetual envy.
2oz of ill-fated and untoward romance.
7oz of laughable piety, at room temperature.
5oz of spurious charity.
1 pint of ruthless greed.
1Ib of the desire to destroy, at room temperature.
1oz of constant melancholy.
31/2 pints of spilled blood.

Leave for approximately nine months.
And there you have it, a recipe for disaster.

  1. Peter Nena says:

    “2 pints of perpetual envy.” That’s my favourite.

  2. biahelvetti says:

    Massive sniggers. Love it! πŸ™‚

  3. […] and insanity means to me. The story of man and madness – A dark poem on romance and revenge. Recipe for disaster – A recipe for a human […]

  4. Osharlequin says:

    Reblogged this on WorldofHarley and commented:

    Recipe For Disaster

  5. milliethom says:

    A great poem, or should I say, recipe? Which cookery book is it from? I love it.

  6. sonmicloud says:

    Nicely done Mr Harlequin


    – sonmi upon the Cloud

  7. Miss Crocodile says:

    Perfect, I will break out my cauldron and begin working on this right away. It will compliment my recipe for Chaos perfectly. Just what I need for the oncoming holidays.

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