The Hell did that come from!?

Posted: Oct 24, 2013 in Writing
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Well, i was on the train coming back from Lee’s recently and in good fashion i remembered to keep a pen and notebook handy. While staring blankly out into the night, i came up with this out of nowhere. Most peculiar.


“It’d been a long time since i saw a sky like this. I couldn’t of asked for a more beautiful re-introduction. It was one of those perfect, movie set sunsets. You know the ones; the ones with a huge gleaming sun, the very definition of orange, the very definition of fire. I’d imagine the warmth of the sun would be such a perfect caress right now. So motherly, so comfortable. If only i could feel it. If only i could feel anything.

To think, a few days ago i had almost forgotten what daylight looked like. So long i had spent below ground. So long i had suffered. So long i had served “Them”.

I don’t remember what “They” did to me. I remember a blinding light followed by equally blinding pain. I don’t know what They did to me. I don’t know whether to thank Them or not. Since then I’ve been stronger, tougher and faster. Almost unnaturally so. 

With my bare hands, i can rend stone and steel. I can life boulders the size of cars. I can calculate problems at a rate surely impossible. Surely They have changed me, i couldn’t always do that, could i? I don’t bleed. What is bleeding? I don’t remember. I can see in the dark. Do humans do that? Why can’t i remember?

The sun changes from iridescent orange to foreboding red. Red? What’s that? Scarlet? I don’t know. So much red!

I can’t help peering around. The red is following my eyes! It’s on the sand. It’s at my feet. It’s… on my hands.

Blood. Is that blood? What’s blood? What are these shapes around me? Enemies? Shadows?


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